Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument


The Memorial is located at the Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, CA. It honors all Navy and Coast Guard personnel who died in the Vietnam theater of operations during the period 1960-1975. The Memorial Wall pays tribute to 2,564 sailors who died. The Memorial wall presents the names, rank/rate, home town, unit(s) to which they were attached and the date of their death.


The Memorial was formally dedicated on 21 May 2005.


The Gamewardens of Vietnam, the Mobile Riverine Force Association and the Swift Boat Sailors Association support the VUMM by sponsoring the display of an actual PBR (Patrol Boat River - Task Force 116), a CCB (Command and Communications Boat - Task Force 117 - River Assault Groups) and a PCF (Patrol Craft Fast - Swift Boat - Task Force 115 ) as an integral part of the memorial.



Web Site:
We are pleased to announce the web site for the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument. A major feature of the web site allows one to "locate a name" on the left side of the home page. Enter the name of a member of the Navy or Coast Guard who sacrificed their life in Vietnam. Click on "view" and the actual entry on the panel on the Memorial Wall will be displayed.


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This web site is paid for by shared contributions from the Mobile Riverine Force Association, the Gamewardens of Vietnam, the Swift Boat Sailors Association and the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument Fund.


Continued support from veterans, families and other interested persons have enabled significant improvements to the Memorial since its dedication with more improvements planned. Detailed information about the Memorial and procedures for visiting and donating can be viewed at Please pass the link to all who may have served in the Vietnam War and who have family or friends who may have served.


There are pictorial tours of the boats displayed and we invite you to view them.


Click to view the 2011 Memorial Day Video on YouTube