Gamewardens History and Mission


Charter Members

From a December 18, 1968 Gamewardens of Vietnam Association Membership Roster, the following twelve individuals were identified as "Charter Members":

LCDR H.R. Brenneman
LT Cliff J. Clifton
LCDR Richard H. Coupe
BMC Grant E. Fuqua
CWO2 William E. Gambrell
BMC Paul A. Killeen
LT Richard Marcinko
CDR John R. Miller, Jr
LT H.J. Rhinebolt
LCDR Edward L. Schneider
LT Fernley R. Wagner, Jr
CAPT Burton B. Witham, Jr


Mission Statement

The original objectives and Mission Statement of Gamewardens of Vietnam Association were to:

1. Perpetuate the name of the Naval Task Force 116 known as Operation Gamewarden.

2. Continue those friendships commenced in Vietnam by those personnel who served in Task Force 116 (Operation Gamewarden).

3. Foster the security of our Nation by supporting all measures calculated to strengthen the Armed Forces of the United States and to support the Constitution of the United States of America.

4. Revere the memory of our shipmates who sacrificed their lives in Vietnam.

5. To honor the legacy of the Riverine Sailor started in Vietnam and continuing today.


Original Officers and Reunion

The first Reunion/Elections/Board of Gamewardens of Vietnam Association was held in Norfolk, VA on 24 August, 1968.

Officers elected to serve at the reunion meeting were:

President:     LCDR Edward L. Schneider
Vice President (East Coast):     SMC Glen A. Braden
Vice President (West Coast):     LCDR R.R. Cosgrove
Secretary/Treasurer:     YN1 John C. Williams

Board Members elected to serve at the reunion meeting were:

Chairman:     Captain Burton B. Witham, Jr
Member:     LT Richard Marcinko
Member:     CWO2 William E. Gambrell
Member:     WO1 John Lewis

LT Cliff J. Clifton was certified by the Board of Directors as East Coast Vice President on August 19, 1969 as a result of an election.



Gamewardens of Vietnam Association was incorporated August 14, 1970 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.