Gamewardens Association Vietnam to Present

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(As elected at the National Reunion business meeting, )

Mailing Address
Gamewardens Vietnam to Present, Inc.
P.O. Box 354
Murrieta, Ca., 92564-0354
Ph: 866 220 7477

All email addresses below are generic in nature, and are maintained on the web site mail server.  Please utilize these, even when you know the individual in the area of responsibility.  The webmaster will see to it that all email is automatically forwarded to the elected or appointed individual.  Doing this prevents the flow and loss of critical information to personal addresses, and will ensure information is routed to the correct person.  If you are still receiving email after you have vacated a position please notify the webmaster.


SECRETARY: Mike Persico

1st VICE PRESIDENT Jerry Gandy:
SECRETARY: Mike Persico:
TREASURER: Steve Watson:
SUPPLY: Jack Fugate:
NEWSLETTER:Richard (Dick) Strandberg:

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE  (emails all current members of the scholarship committee)
Glen Fry
Glen Slay

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (Chapter Presidents) (emails to all current chapter presidents)
North East:

BOARD of DIRECTORS - (emails to all current members of the board)
Captain Story
Glen Slay
Ray Jeno
Bill Straight
Mark Herrmann
Don Howell
Mark Bowers
Wes Wesleskey
Bill Woods
Bill Sparrow

Support Personnel
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TF116 Webmaster -
IRS Report - Jim Morgan -
National Reunion Coordinator -
FB/ Social Media and Data Manager - Nancy Re
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